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Marv Walker's Horse Streaming Video Launch!

I have been making my horse training videos available for years on I've spent a lot of time trying to make my videos as hassle free as I possibly could. I've finally got my stuff totally out from under You-Tube, Amazon and Facebook's hoop-jumping and control.

To test my progress I'm making my streaming video debut with a buy one, buy more, or buy all video offer. Each rapidly delivered streamed video at $5 each or all twelve for $30.

My videos ain't fancy built at all, they are homemade, not intended to be pretty, just intended to dispense ready to use right from the box workable information.

The videos cover my horse techniques that must meet 4 conditions. 1.) They must be reasonably safe for me, 2.) They must be reasonably safe for the horse, 3.) The horse must be better after I'm done working with it, 4.) And, EVERYTHING I do must work EVERY TIME. There is no "make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard," I don't mess with the wrong thing.

The videos are $5 each streamed to your device or $30 for all. That breaks down to $2.50 each.

That's hours and hours of seeing me use my pretty much no-touch horse training techniques!

Here's my shakedown video streaming offer...

Buy one, there's a button for that at the bottom of every URL below and PayPal will handle the sale, no PayPal account needed. If you want more than one you'll see a PayPal "Buy All" button just below the PayPal "Buy Now" button. PayPal will handle the rest, you don't even need a PayPay account.

And, wait!!! There's more!!! Included with your purchase of one or all of the videos is my phone number, 706 816-7190, for you to call me if you have any questions or comments after you have watched them... or even before you watch them, any time you want, I answer most of the time.

This "One, More, Or All" streaming video offer consists of the following videos...

Mentally Connecting With The Adult Horse
Mentally Connecting With The Immature Horse
Focusing The Unfocused Horse aka Dealing With The Buddy Sour Horse
Guaranteed Horse Despooking ~ How To Despook Any Horse
How To Teach Your Horse To Give To Pressure And Build Softness
Drive 101 ~ Beginning Ground Driving With Your Horse
Lunge 101 ~ Starting Your Horse On The Lunge, Longe, Long Or Whatever Line
Lunge 101.2 ~ My Second Starting Your Horse On The Lunge, Longe, Long Or Whatever Line
Teaching Foals To Lead When They're Bigger Than You Are
Gaining The Respect Of Disrespectful Horses
Troubleshooting Physical Issues In Horses
Dealing With The Aggressive Horse And The Determined Challenger

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