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Marv Walker

Commercial Seating Service

Restoring Georgia Seating
Since 1980

1202 Old Agateville Road

Hillsboro, GA 31038

Phone 706 816-7190 (24 Hours)

Serving middle Georgia repairing to refurbishing restaurant booth and other seating. We make your damaged seating service look as good as new.

We restore damaged seating arrangements to top-notch condition. All work is done on site with no loss of use, if any, at your convenience. No waiting for days, weeks for your fixtures. NOTHING leaves your premises! Very, very rarely will we have to take anything off your premises.

When guests come in your restaurant to dine the very first thing they see is the seating. If the seating is in disrepair the guests subconsciously wonder what the kitchen is like, the seating distracts from the dining experience. We help you provide a soothing appearance for your guests.

With the Covid pandemic increasing public sanitation awareness it is difficult to sanitize damaged booths and chairs to recommended standards. We'll make your seating sanitation efforts seamless and faster!

It doesn't matter what your seating repair needs are, booths, chairs, recovering, vinyl repair, spring repair, or completely re-furbishing your entire seating furnishings. we can handle it all. There will be no comfort distractions.

It's difficult enough to make sure your guest service is top-notch without having to worry about your seating. Call me, 706 816-7190, (24 Hrs) and we'll do that for you.

To arrange a free service quote at your convenience you may call any time, 24 hours, and we'll arrange a time to stop by.

All our work is absolutely guaranteed, you will have no problems with it. Period.

Thank you!

Marv Walker
706 816-7190 (24 hours)

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