How To Easily Make Dough Selling What You Or Others Know

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The picture above is of a few of my info products that I have sold for the last 30 or so years. Every month I get royalties sent to my bank account from Amazon, Smashwords, etc. And I sell on the Internet as well. Once my info products are produced all I have left to do once I get them published is spend the money.

I sell homemade videos, homemade eBooks, homemade PDFs, the info product possibilities are staggering!

You too can have an info income stream like mine! You can turn your hobby, your interest, your knowledge, or that of other people, into a continuous income cash flow! Somewhere, someone is willing to pay you money for the information in your head, or someone else's, literally at your fingertips.

You can start building information products today that can provide you income for years!

I sell a number of info products that I have produced over the years that are quite profitable. They are so profitable I stash copies of them in different locations. Like a squirrel, I had put copies of all my informational products in other locations for safekeeping in case of fire, tornado, or whatever. They have become so valuable the last thing I want to do is lose my products.

Not too long ago I came across an old security stash of my informational products and found one that I had just finished years ago and lost track of shortly after the stash!

Want to be a writer and get paid for what you write? But don't know how to go about it? I can show you how. You can start realizing your dream today!
I've done it, you can too.

I used to do a lot of freelance writing for print publishers before the Internet became available. I have only had one submission rejected and that was back when I was 13 when I sent a fiction article I'd hand-written, in cursive, penciled on yellow legal paper to Outdoor Life a hunting and fishing magazine that had nothing to do with hunting or fishing. They sent me back a canned rejection slip, "Thanks for your submission. We regret it does not fit our current editorial needs." It took me me awhile but I put the lessons learned from that experience into practice.

Freelance writing put me under the complete control of the traditional print publishers' whims. It took weeks, sometimes months, for them accept your work with payment upon printing which took more weeks, sometimes months. Meanwhile you couldn't submit it to any other publisher, once a submission was printed no one wanted it once it was classified as "reprint." Weeks later, sometimes months later, the submission would be printed and it took weeks, sometimes months, to be paid. One article I'd written took almost 3 years from writing to payment - I submitted, waited for acceptance on their time, waited for it to printed on their time, waited to be paid on their time. If you wanted to write you put up with their whims.

I grew tired of being jerked around by their, "you'll do things our way or not at all," chutzpah.

And then one day I decided to sell and control my stuff myself. I never looked back.

I read about a nothing special guy in Hollywood who sold homemade videos of himself on the street to tourists. He said it was surprising how many he actually sold. He said he was known as the guy who sold videos of himself. At the time I considered it to be a fluke. Today I know his secrets and I can share them with you and guide you every step of the way.

My main niche is horses and most of my info products revolve around horses but I have a number of other informational subjects in my inventory as well.

I was contacted by the mother of a 9 year old who had an unmanageable horse and wanted to know what I'd charge to work with her. I told her I'd do it for permission to video the work and signed model releases.

It took a little over an hour to shoot my first ever video with a borrowed video camera operated by its wanting to be somewhere else owner, a rinky-dink sound system, and shot behind the barn. Talk about low-budget!

That unedited, what you see is what you get, "Wartznall Video" still sells 20 some years later, it's old, but it's gold, and it sold! It sold well enough for me to tell myself, "You really need to do more videos!!!!!"

I made far more money selling the raggedy VHS How-To video than I ever could have if I'd have charged them my hourly rate.

My second backyard unedited video was explaining and demonstrating the techniques I had told Breyanna to do with her horse in my first video.

Next thing you know I'm sending videos around the world and working on more products, some outside the world of horses. I produced a bunch of homemade videos and then started adding informational products such as eBooks. In a couple of months I had a nice little bunch of informational products that I affectionately referred to as "my little ATM."

As I said earlier, I had the foresight to squirrel copies of my products away from the house in case of fire, tornadoes, and other calamities here and there. My homemade Wartznall products had become too valuable to risk losing.

I came across an old safety stash of my products not too long ago that I had forgotten about. In looking through the stack of finished and almost finished info products I found one that I had finished just before I stashed the safekeeping stack and somehow it had slipped into out of sight, out of mind. There it lay for years until recently.

I slapped it into the DVD player and watched it. It still has the same endless powerful money making possibilities it had when I first put it together. Good information is timeless and valuable.

The "How To Easily Make Dough Selling What You Or Others Know!" video will give stay at home moms, fund raising groups, retired folk, whoever, all the info needed to start their own producing and selling info products income stream. It doesn't matter what your hobbies are, what your occupation is, what your interests are, what your skills are, you can quickly begin developing and selling info products that can produce money for you for years.

Informational products are very profitable products. Remember the first one I told you about with the little 9 year old girl and the unmanageable horse? From the beginning of the session when the horse leaped off the trailer to the ready to sell master was about three hours. If it sold I would run off a duplicate copy and toss it in the mail. If it didn't actually sell, which it did, quite well, I didn't have much in it and I still had it as a "free gift." I was very surprised by the success of that backyard video, so much so I started more.

You can produce info products that will bring you money for years. You don't have to be a genius, I'm certainly not. If you can walk and chew gum at the same time you can become a money making info marketer. The possibilities are endless. I guarantee you I can stand beside you right now wherever you are and point out a bunch of info products that someone made money from, there is no reason you shouldn't be making some of that money too.

I'll tell you what, if you order the $49.95 "How To Make Dough Selling What You Or Others Know!" TWO VIDEO "How Too" SET today I'll throw in a copy of my first info product "Dealing With The Buddy Sour Horse" so you can see just how bare bones it is. This package covers everything you need to know about becoming a money making self-publishing information producer. If you need help going beyond, my contact info is every where.

This 3 video set will immediately start working on building your information selling income stream!

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Email me with comments, questions, suggestions.